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About the methods
Happiness in body and mind.

GYROTONIC® Training is about breathing deeply, moving and having fun, and feeling joy through getting to know your own body better. 
May this lightness strengthen your health and spread to your surroundings. 

About the methods

GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® training are modern physical exercise methods created by Juliu Horvath. The method concept originally came from the fields of yoga, Pilates, Thai Chi, and dance.

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The Gyrotonic Method utilizes specialized equipment to guide, assist and challenge the exerciser. The exercise helps to improve the body's mobility, flexibility, and stability. 



In this exercise, you will do exercises sitting on a chair and exercises on the floor. The goal is to build a healthy body while moving rhythmically in a circle around the pelvis and spine.


GYROKINESIS® Grouplesson info: Here

Effect of both Methods

The methods are particularly suitable for people with:

  • restricted mobility

  • Tension and stiffness in the spine area

  • clear curvatures in the thoracic spine (rounded back) and scolioses

  • Lumbar spine pain

  • the aim of improving coordination specific to the sport (especially dance and golf)

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Our clients

Our experienced Gyrotonic instructors offer training sessions tailored to your needs.

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Improved performance for professional athletes

Improved joint stability, flexibility, mobility and athletic performance. Also suitable for rehabilitation after injuries.

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Health and happiness for all ages

Fitness enthusiasts, the elderly, people recovering from injury, and people with disabilities.


Development for children

To understand and support the physical aspects of ballet and other sports.

We teach everyone from professional dancers at the City Theater to clients referred by doctors for further recovery and improvement of physical function after rehabilitation. We teach group and private classes and seminars in Germany and Japan to improve the health and enjoyment of movement for clients of all ages.