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GYROKINESIS® Group lesson from 25.July.2023

We are pleased to announce the starting dates of our lessons after summer vacation!


GETICS Gesundheit & Athletics

Flinger Broich 91a, Düsseldorf


Tue, 25. July (with Kati Masami Menze)

Tue, 01. Aug No lesson

Tue, 08. Aug (with Keisuke Mihara) Every Tuesday at 18.45 after August 8th is with Keisuke!

18:45 PM

1 hour

The courses are held with a minimum of 4 participants. If you have any questions about the participation plan, please send us an e-mail.

Kati Masami Menze

Keisuke Mihara


20 Euro

What you need

Comfortable clothes

Shoes are not required

Course content, levels

From beginner to middle

A course that stretches the body through seated exercises and strengthens it through yoga-like exercises on the floor.


This is a rhythmic exercise method sitting on a chair. The spiral movement of the spine activates the body and nervous system.

The methods are particularly suitable for people with:

- Limited mobility

- Tension and blockages in the spine and shoulder area

- Pain in the pelvis

- Curvatures in the area of the thoracic spine and scoliosis

- Pain in the area of the lumbar spine

Registration, Questions for the course, and trial course



GETICS Gesundheit & Athletics

Tel: 0211 54 20 46 00


GETICS Gesundheit & Athletics

Flinger Broich 91a, Düsseldorf

Bus Bushaltestelle: D-Siedlerweg Linie 737, 738 von Düsseldorf HBF

Auto Parkplace front of GETICS: for 2 hours, 2 Euro


Street front of GETICS


All accidents during the lessons are at your own risk.


Currently, there are no cancellation fees, but please notify us via email or Whats app prior to the start time if you need to cancel. Unauthorized cancellations will be subject to future fees.

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