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Our partnership



Sanaho Kitamoto


Dancer / Balletteacher



"In my sessions, I offer training tailored to your body and your condition"

About me

In 2014 I moved to Germany to study my Bachelor of Arts at the Berlin State Ballet School. After receiving my degree, I worked as a professional dancer in theaters and dance companies throughout Germany. I quickly became aware of how much stress extreme sports have on the body.


GYROTONIC training helped me strengthen and protect my own body. My back pain, which had otherwise steadily progressed over the years and which I suffered due to my scoliosis, improved for the first time. GYROTONIC can be used in many different ways.


I am convinced that not only dancers but everyone can benefit from GYROTONIC, which is why I decided to obtain the qualifications as a GYROTONIC trainer in order to be able to help as many people as possible.


High quality training and courses throughout Europe at our partner studios:


Dynamic arts (Freiburg, Germany) 


  • Miriam Friedrich Honorio (Gyrotonic Specialized Master Trainer)

  • Sergio Rodrigues Honorio (Gyrotonic Specialized Master Trainer)

  • Bogdan Muresan (Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer)

Latitude D (Colmar, France)


  • Corinne Martin (Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer)

CaSa Motion (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


  • Carlo Camagni (Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer)

  • Sammie Hermans (Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer)

Fullcirclestudio (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  • Aleida van Poelgeest (Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer)

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