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Online & on-site lessons
as an employee benefits
For Employee Health and Performance


If you are looking for this type of concern or service

  • Considering introducing stretching for health and mental care in the workplace.

  • Exercises that can be done in the office in a space-saving way, even while sitting in a chair.

  • I am looking for a service that can provide menus for different body problems and ask questions.


Service Objectives

  • To help employees learn to stretch and exercise properly to prevent illness and injury, and to make it a part of their daily routine.

  • To maintain and improve work performance through physical and mental care in the workplace.

  • To improve employee relations and corporate image by providing employee health support as a corporate welfare program.

Voice from companies that have used On-site lessons

Our work at desks and with digital tools has caused us to stiffen in areas of our bodies where we do not move, and our posture has deteriorated.

Exercising in such a situation was not only very pleasant for us, but also a time to face our own bodies. By massaging places and eyeballs that are usually difficult to move and being aware of our breathing, we could feel the circulation of blood. I would definitely like to take this class on a regular basis. Thank you very much.




Service Overview

  • Online lessons via ZOOM and Google Meets at your office or home.

  • On-site lessons by a trainer in a meeting room.

  • Online lessons are available in English and Japanese. On-site lessons are also available in German.

  • Sitting or standing exercises to reduce stiffness in the shoulders, back pain, and eye fatigue.

Exercise Features

  • The lessons will be on the Exercise GYROKINESIS® methods, which cannot be experienced on Youtube or video services like Yoga and Pilates.


  • GYROKINESIS® is an exercise method that was born in New York, USA, and includes the essence of Yoga, Pilates, and Tai chi, and involves moving in circles and spirals with an awareness of body connections. It consists of two parts: chair-based exercises and yoga-like exercises on the floor. It is therefore widely accepted by people of all ages. 

Improvements that can be expected, for problems such as

  • Even those who are not confident in their physical strength or who are physically challenged can work on it.

  • Reduction of back pain, stiff shoulders, etc. by exercises focusing on the spine and pelvis.

  • Improved posture. Exercises to move the spine while being conscious of the trunk, aiming for a well-toned and supple body.

  • Chair-based exercises that focus on the connection from the pelvis to the feet.

  • Stress and mental health care. Rhythmical movement in accordance with breathing deepens breathing and regulates the autonomic nervous system.

Lesson Atmosphere

Online lessons are available in English and Japanese. On-site lessons are also available in German.

Example of lesson content, for 60 minutes

1, Self-massage.

Relaxes tired eyes, jaw and other tensions, and calms the body and mind.


2、Exercise while sitting on a chair

While moving in a circle around the pelvis and spine and being aware of the spiral shape of your body, you can relax distortions and stiffness, and if you feel your torso, you can build a supple body.


3. Standing exercises

After stretching the legs using a chair, we will do a different exercise each time, such as stretching the whole body or exercises to be aware of the core.



4, End, we will answer any questions you may have about the content of the lesson, stretching for each body part, etc.


What you need for the lesson

  • Chairs. A round chair without a backrest, handrail, or casters is ideal, but a standard desk chair or pipe chair will work.

  • For online lessons, we use an online conferencing application such as zoom or google meets. PC or tablet with a large monitor is suitable.

​About Lesson program

  • Choose the length of your lesson, from 30 to 90 minutes, customized to your needs.

  • Choose from a single lesson, a set number of lessons per month, 6 months, or 12 months.

  • You can also choose a monthly theme for the menu. 


1st month
Exercises to reduce back pain and align the pelvis

2nd month
Approaches to chest tightness and breathing depth

3rd month
Exercises to reduce stiff shoulders and neck tension

4th month
Focus on flexibility and stability of the lower body from the hip joint

5th month
Focus on core awareness and stability Light strength training

Separately, we can also offer a slightly higher intensity flexibility and stability lesson that uses the floor like yoga.

About our fees​

If you request 1 time online lesson 60min,

Up to 10 participants
€ 150 (excluding tax)

Up to 30 participants
€ 250  (excluding tax)


More than 30 participants We will provide an estimate after your inquiry.


We will charge a business trip fee for On-site lessons at your company.


If your business location is in Europe, please check the prices on our English website.

We will provide a proposal and estimate based on the above rates after hearing the following requests from the company. Please contact us for more information.

  • One-time or one to several lessons per month.

  • Please choose from 6 or 12 months for the period of the regular class.

  • The duration of the lesson can be 30, 60, or 90 minutes.

  • Requests for a meeting of related companies, not just one company. 

​About the Trainer



Keisuke Mihara



GETiCS: Gesundheit & Athletics, GYROTONIC® Trainer

Deutsche Oper am Rhein / Ballet am Rhein, GYROTONIC® Trainer

I moved to Germany in 2007 as a professional dancer because I was drawn to forms of expression that transcended nationality and race. After working in dance companies for several years, I performed as a guest dancer in various city theaters throughout Europe, during my work as a dancer. I became aware of Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic and had been using both methods to improve physical performance.

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