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Benefits of GYROTONIC® GYROKINESIS® methods

Both methods focus on core stability and spinal flexibility and are effective in improving balance, flexibility, strength, and posture.
A characteristic element of the methods is the unique spiral movements (Spiral Movements).
Spiral movements around the body axis in different planes and combinations promote the balancing of imbalances and flexibility of the whole body.

GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® movements stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body, stimulate the nervous system, and help improve physical function. In addition, they focus not only on movement but also on awareness and consciousness, incorporating elements such as breathing exercises.

It helps athletes improve performance, prevent injuries, and recover more quickly and fully from injuries. It is used by clients of all ages to keep the body and mind healthy and balanced.

Differences between GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods:

The main difference is that at GYROTONIC® you can exercise on specially made equipment. The equipment supports the precise use of the body. Legs, arms, and torso work together with the resistances and weights of the equipment's pulleys instead of against them. This allows the joints, to move in their natural range of motion without compression, thus maximizing the benefits of the workout. Gyrotonic equipment training can be done in both personal and small-group training.

GYROINESIS® is a sensory, but at the same time strengthening and stretching workout that does not use equipment, but only somebody, sitting on the chair and on the mat, lying and standing.

Improvement of the following points:

1. Posture

Strengthens the muscles and flexibility that are important for maintaining correct posture. Correct posture reduces stress on the body and contributes to an economical us beautiful posture.

3. Flexibility

The characteristic elements of the method bending, stretching forward, backward and sideways, as well as the spiral movements, expand the body's natural range of motion, thus increasing the range of movement of muscles, joints and other structures and improving the body's flexibility.

5. Stress relief

Includes movements combined with breathing exercises. It helps release tension in the mind and body and reduce stress.

2. Strength

Focuses on strengthening, harmonizing and coordinating muscles, tendons, fascia and connective tissues (intramuscular coordination), taking into account the connections throughout the body. Improved intramuscular balance reduces the risk of injury.

4. Trunk stability

Strengthens the core (muscles around the abdomen, back, and pelvis). Trunk strength plays a major role in balance, posture, and stability, and influences performance in daily life and in sports.

6. Body awareness

Increases awareness of your own body sensations and movements. This helps you to better understand your own body and maintain proper movement and posture in everyday life.

Voice of the clients
"Keisuke brings the training competently to the point, he clearly shows what is important in Gyrokinesis, which brings even the newcomer the necessary security and a quickly noticeable progress.
His always positive charisma is infectious and reinforces the typical Gyrokinesis feeling of being reborn afterwards. My conclusion with 14 years of Gyrokinesis experience: Gyrokinesis is a brilliant program for all musculoskeletal problems - together with Keisuke the key to success, because it helps and with Keisuke it is even more fun".
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