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Fitness equipment / equipment

Since I am teaching an online lesson. Sometimes people ask me what I use for own training and studio. Here I share which is useful   equipment for basic training.  


Airex coronella exercise mat

It is very soft and elastic mat. I like a lot because of warm feeling and comfortable for kneeling. It is thickness 1.5cm and width 60cm. It is good for at home or carry by car. If you have a big body, then buy width 100cm.


Wooden stool

I use it for GYROKINESIS lesson. It is stable and good feeling for skin and good design for room. Unfortunately I found it only Germany site. If you find it in your country, please let me know.   


BLACKROLL® standard

I use this one for daily self massage. I like a lot of this really basic design and fine material. There is so many similar roll. I recommend to get those nothing special but good quality one.


OMERIL fitness band

It is good price and enough quality for daily stretch. It is really helpful for shoulder mobilization work and leg stretch.

Airex balnce.jpg

Airex balance pad

It can be used for many ways. Kneeling support, balance work by standing. Also it is nice to use for hight adjustment sitting on the floor and chair.  

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